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Executive Coaching & Development

Every peak performer has a coach. Here’s why leaders pick us as their executive coach:

They want someone on their side who has extensive experience working with leaders who have walked in their shoes and faced what they face. Someone who has a winning track record in business, leadership AND executive coaching.

We have been working with business and nonprofit leaders for 29 years. We specialize in leadership. It’s all we do. Through our extensive experience, we acquired (and continue to do so) the knowledge, skills and tools to advance our clients ability to be a catalyst for their organization’s (or team’s) high performance. Our business continues to be successful only because our clients continue to get practical, economic value from our leadership services.

If you select us as your executive coach, you’re going to get either Dale Primer or Beth Michaels. Not somebody who has spent most of their career working FOR someone and jumped into this field because (s)he wanted (or needed) a new career. We believe being an executive coach requires highly developed business acumen as well as practical business experience. Dale and Beth have both!

Please note: Executive Coaching is a very personal and sensitive service. Confidentiality and trust are critically important. Therefore, we screen and interview each of our clients prior to our agreeing to work together (and, in fact, respectfully decline about 20% of the time).

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