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Client Testimonials

“They showed us how to overcome the barriers that have plagued us for years. We’re finally working together and moving in the right direction. I’ve been with this company for 29 years, the work we did with Primer Michaels is one of the ten best things that I did during that time”

- Executive VP, Large sustainable energy company

“We have impressive talent – and, so do our competitors. In today’s marketplace, whoever can adjust the quickest to new objectives and strategic direction wins. Primer Michaels have produced more breakthroughs for us in two days than we’ve accomplished in five years. Our results were significant, so we took their processes and rolled them out to our entire organization. We’ve been on track since.”

- Executive VP, major pharmaceutical company

“We do a cost-benefit analysis of all our expenditures. Primer Michaels consistently delivers measurable and lasting benefits for us that more than offset the cost of their services.”

- CFO, international grocery company

“Our business has more than doubled since working with Primer Michaels. We could not have done it without them. They showed us how to get our workforce buying-in to the work necessary to stay ahead of our competition. Then they stood aside. They imparted their knowledge and left us with better focus, habits, skills, and processes. They set the standard by which we measure all business relationships.”

- President, architectural firm

“This has been key for our growth. Honest input from our key people that we wouldn’t have had. Couldn’t have gotten buy-in without Primer Michaels.”

- CEO, nationwide restaurant company

“Highly skilled facilitators and communicators. They got us to break through our bottlenecks, and, made it easier for me to lead this organization. We’ve tried this before. This is the only time that we’ve gotten lasting results…I’d recommend them to any organization that believes they can do better.”

- Executive Director, large suburban Chicago park district

“Our service providers must produce measurable results in a time frame that we find to be extremely difficult without their leadership and support – or we stop doing business with them. Primer Michaels have been working with us for eleven years.”

- Sr. VP Human Resources, large international bank

“Due to a recent merger, our Organization Development budget was slashed. In planning for next year’s budget, we were asked to identify the 5% of our service providers who deliver the highest value to our organization. Primer Michaels is at the top of our list.”

- VP, Training and Development, large commercial bank