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Bringing on and retaining talented leaders is a high cost to most organizations. It is critical to make this transition as successful and efficiently as possible as well as reduce the risk of failure.

Primer Michaels has decades of experience integrating leaders into organizations so that they can more effectively acclimate to their new culture and team.

This is a highly customized follow through process. First, we very efficiently clarify our understanding of the organizations culture. Next, we begin with the newly added leader and quickly progress to working with their team. The goal is to accelerate the transition to a high performing team working together toward leadership directives, organizational changes and strategic business goals.

We have been working with business and nonprofit leaders for 25 years. We specialize in leadership. It’s all we do. Through our extensive experience, we acquired (and continue to do so) the knowledge, skills and tools to advance our clients ability to be a catalyst for their organization’s (or team’s) high performance. Our business continues to be successful only because our clients continue to get practical, economic value from our leadership services.

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