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Organizational Culture

What is culture? We define it as “the values, beliefs and behaviors that differentiate one organization from another”. It’s the composite of what all your employees say is the answer to the questions “what’s it like to work here?” and “what does it take to succeed here?”. It’s your “way of doing business” as experienced through the eyes of every one of your prospective and existing clients.

Your organization’s culture determines the extent to which, as a leader, you have the capacity to:

  • Sustain growth
  • Attract & retain talent
  • Outperform your competition (or they outperform you)
  • Achieve success in the face of adversity

As leader, it’s your job to define, defend and maintain your organization’s culture. If you’re not, the employees with the strongest personalities are unintentionally setting it for you.

The challenge is you can’t manage what you can’t measure. Organizational culture is invisible and nebulous. Everybody has a different interpretation of what it is.

We have been successfully measuring and changing organizational cultures for many years. We have a highly effective, efficient and relatively low cost way to measure your culture. We can make the invisible visible! What’s more, we can break it down any way you want: by location, department, region, job function, gender, level of management and many more.

Many times, when we’re constructing growth plans with our clients, we measure their culture so we can very specifically pinpoint what needs to change in order to achieve their key initiatives and visionary goals.

How does this apply to me or my organization?