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M&A Integration

Results matter.

Consulting Magazine, Cover Story April 2003 (brief summary)

“UBS Global Asset Management…tied together in the wake of multiple mergers and acquisitions…distrust ran high, territorial issues were common, and the whole organization seemed locked in inertia…’The morale was so low that we feared there would be mass departures and the whole group would break down’ sighs Brian Singer, UBS Global Asset Management Managing Director…UBS engaged [Primer Michaels d/b/a Focus Consulting Group]…a ‘tremendous sense of trust developed’ …says Singer…’For the first time, people got comfortable with each other…Ultimately, despite our different ethnicities, backgrounds and cultures, we finally came together as a team.’”

UBS Global Asset Management hit their objectives ahead of schedule.

A large sustainable energy company (Fortune 500) was attempting to merge two disparate divisions to form an SBU. They engaged us (because of their satisfaction having us successfully integrate multiple divisions throughout the globe years earlier). Here’s what the leader of that SBU stated well after the completion of the engagement: “You showed us how to overcome the barriers that had plagued us for years…I’ve been with this company for 29 years. The work we did with Primer Michaels is one of the ten best things that I did during that time.” They successfully completed their integration and hit their objectives.

We have been providing the human side of integration services for 24 years. Through our extensive experience, we acquired (and continue to do so) the knowledge, skills, processes and tools to advance our client’s ability to successfully achieve their integration initiatives.

As you know, each M&A integration is unique and has it’s own set of obstacles and circumstances. As such, we are not always a good fit for any and all of them. Therefore, we carefully assess and screen each engagement prior to our agreeing to work together (and, in fact, respectfully decline about 20% of the time).

Find out how (or if) we can accelerate your M&A integration.

Consulting Magazine summary

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