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Common Barriers to Execution

There are three common barriers to execution.

  1. Not knowing where the finish line is – In the strategic planning process, there is a lack of understanding of where the finish line is. Most of the time when we work with a client, they perceive the finish line to be setting the initiative after a thorough conversation to gain good ideas about how to grow their organization and sustain its growth. But that is not where the finish line is. The finish line is identifying who is going to do what by when. We need to have a process to monitor progress and determine how employees will be accountable for their tasks.

  3. Inadequate performance management – Performance should be tied to execution. It should be tied to each person’s progress on those strategic plans (or organizational goals). In nearly all organizations there are performance evaluations. They are usually done annually or bi-annually, but they should be done at least every three months to ensure the employee knows that a supervisor is monitoring progress and evaluating work, and that the employee will be rewarded for it.

  5. Lack of priorities – We often start the conversation about strategic planning, put all the pieces in place, and then two months later, forget about it because another opportunity arises and we are going to go in that direction instead. When this happens, leadership tolerates, and even encourages, a lack of performance on the execution plan. Whatever a leader tolerates, they endorse.

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