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WEBINAR: 18 Minutes to Beat the Odds in Strategy Execution

November 2012 News Release 

When you’re fighting to execute strategic plans, the odds just aren’t in your favor. Everyone knows that as many as 85% of organizations are really skilled at developing business strategies but not so adept when it’s time to execute.

The thing that’s hard to wrap our heads around, though, is why the odds are stacked so staggeringly against us.
In Part 1 of our on-demand webinar series, we tackle the Why, What, When, How and Who of failed strategic plan implementation.
In this 18-minute on-demand webinar you’ll learn:

  • Why more than 85% of strategic & annual plans aren’t executed
  • What causes these failures
  • The key elements of strategy-driven execution management
  • Tips for leaders to improve the chances of execution success
  • How to ensure strong accountability

Join Beth Michaels, President of Primer Michaels, as she explores the pitfalls and best practices of plan execution. Watch our webinar NOW.


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